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Balenciaga created a video game for their Fall/Winter 2021 presentation

Well, it's not a real video game more like a simulation... But anyway, it's cool!

balenciaga video game

Due to covid-19 being in full swing the big brands had to think long and hard about what exactly they should do for their collection presentations. Here are the highlights:

Prada did a “livestream” of their fashion show which ended with a Q&A with Rick Owens and Miuccia Prada. Prada’s show didn’t look like a real livestream at all, more like a high production recording that took a whole day to film. We don’t mind though, no point having a “live” livestream really.
Burberry cleverly partnered with Twitch for their livestream.
• Jacquemus had a socially distanced show in a wheat field and livestreamed it.
• Gucci hosted their own fashion week called “GucciFest” collaborating with Gus Van Sant on their 7 part video series. Our attention span didn’t make it past the first episode unfortunately.
Chanel had their show in a castle and they only had one guest watching the show: Kristen Stewart. Weeeeeeiiiird. We hope she tested negative...
Celine hired out an empty football stadium in Monaco where Hedi Slimane showed his Gen-Z-friendly collection.
Acne Studios did a neat livestream at the empty Grand Palais.
• Balenciaga on the other hand went all in and created an online videogame dedicated to their new collection - it’s something we would only expect from Demna Gvasalia.

The game is called Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow and it’s a simulation taking you through a digital world that Balenciaga created where the characters are wearing the brand’s Fall/Winter 2021 collection. The entire simulation [we call it a simulation and not a game since you are just walking a pathway instead of playing] takes place for around 15 minutes. It starts with an intro where you roll through the “characters” like in a 90s fighting game detailing the garments in each look [check out the animated GIF above].

You then transition into a Blade Runner-esque world based in a concrete building perhaps in a big metropolitan city, where the models are showcasing the new collection while standing around, browsing on their phones or taking selfies.

balenciaga video game still

balenciaga video game still

balenciaga video game still

You then walk through 5 zones, all zones looking apocalyptic. See this “Bringing life back to earth” ad in their game below, indicating a scary future.

balenciaga video game still

balenciaga video game still

balenciaga video game still

There is a small story in the game and it’s very very much fitting for Balenciaga’s brand and current creative direction. *SPOILER ALERT, highlight to read* We thought the story would end when we arrive to a rave in the forest, but we continued from there, bypassing models dancing high on life *SPOILER ALERT OVER*

If this was a contest, hands down we would give Balenciaga the golden medal 🥇 for their spring/summer 2021 presentation.


Phew, all these brands’ Marketing and Digital departments must have been sweating hard from all that digital thinking this year. A for effort guys! We will be watching you again in 6 months.

Date: 2020. december 6.